Stuff2Send - What's It About? puts people who need stuff delivered in touch with couriers and drivers who plan to be driving there anyway.

  1. Every day millions of UK motorists with cars, taxis, vans and trucks drive all over the country with empty space in their vehicles.
  2. Thousands of others – at home or in offices – have stuff to send like parcels, furniture, removals, eBay items etc.
  3. Stuff2Send connects the two, letting those driving somewhere take stuff you need to send there.

Who can send things?

Quite simply, anyone. If you have an item that needs delivered, then you are eligible to use this service.

What can be sent?

Any "stuff" can be sent; it could be a parcel, a box, a student move, something sold at an online auction, a complete house move, garden rubbish, boxes, crates, furniture, even yourself. Literally anything can be "broadcast" as Stuff2Send.

Who can be a Carrier?

Anyone, whether they be an individual or a business, with a valid driver's license who is responsible and reliable including commuters, minibus drivers, white van men, couriers, sales reps, taxi services, removal companies, students, housewives, people looking for odd jobs... anyone.

Stuff2Send puts Senders and Carriers in touch. We facilitate the timely exchange of information and communications between parties to achieve the best result for both parties. We are not a delivery service and are not involved in any final commercial arrangements between the parties.